Go beyond clinical massage therapy and experience bodywork as it was meant to be; a unification of body, and mind, for a truly unique experience. We combine our knowledge of anatomy with years of hands on practice, for a truly unique experience.
Please note we are not RMTs, ASRI only provides relaxation massage performed by licensed estheticians. Our Signature Massage combines deep acupressure, flowing Shiatsu, reflexology, and a personalized organic oil blend.

30 min – 65
45 min – 85
60 min- 105
75 min – 125
90 min – 145

Worried about getting oil in your hair?
“Can you please not get any oil in my hair?” This is a question that comes up a few times every year; and we always ask the same question right back: “Do you want a good facial/massage? Or a GREAT one?” Asking our practitioners to avoid touching your hair and scalp during a massage or facial is kind of like asking your mechanic not to get any grease marks on your car. In order to do a thorough job, we have to get right in there. Book these treatments on a day when you don’t need to look pristine after. Enjoy this messy, melty, yummy treatment!