Using the exclusive skincare line, ULLA,  created for the spa at ASRI,
indulge yourself in the purest form of natural skincare.
Pushing the boundaries of natural, chemical free, active skincare,
thoughtfully crafted in small batches for optimum potency & freshness,
ensuring that every drop is pure and powerful.
Rich in living plant nutrients formulated to deliver proven results with each use.
Delivering you luxurious textures and a sensory journey with natural aromas.


A beautiful customisable facial tailored to each client's specific skin care needs. This treatment includes a facial massage which encourages lymphatic drainage followed by a relaxing back, shoulder, hand and arm massage. 60 min $150


Begin this facial with a deeply relaxing back and shoulder massage then followed by your custom facial experience 75 min $175


Designed for those who really love massage. This special facial includes everything the Signature Facial offers plus we begin this facial face down as you relax and enjoy a 15 min back massage. Guaranteed Ultimate relaxation. $195


Great for any special event. The added dermaplaning in this facial treatment will make your skin soft and silky. Removing the facial vellus hair along with a complete removal of dead skin cells. Your skin is ready to receive all the nutrients this facial has to offer. 75 min $175


Help to clear the skin on your back with a soothing and relaxing 60 minute treatment that will leave you feeling ultimately relaxed. Your back will be thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and massaged to a silky finish. 60 min $175

* Dermaplaning

Who is a good candidate?

*Anyone who loves microdermabrasion will love dermaplaning.
*Anyone who wants more refined, smooth skin with a glow.
*Anyone with Dry and or rough skin
*Perfect for fine lines and wrinkles
*Pregnant or nursing women who cannot undergo chemical peels
* Great way to remove peach fuzz on the face