I’ve owned and operated my Spa now for 20 years, but I’m new to Oak Bay.
Absolutely loving the neighborhood and how people in the area really support local businesses. I’m hoping to be able to give Oak Bay and Victoria something very unique, combining my two passions,
Skincare and Interior Design, under one roof.

Asri Home Decor and Spa offers you a private treatment room, you can come for a relaxing Spa treatment or shop for unique Home Decor and handmade Brass jewelry from as far as Indonesia and Morocco.

I love what I do and to be able to offer each of my clients what they need to relax and care for their bodies. My specialty and my passion are Facial treatments.
I use an Organic skincare line that has been custom formulated exclusively for ASRI Spa. I would be happy to help you put together a skincare regimen using these exclusive and beautiful products to feed and nourish your skin.
Do you want to find a unique gift or something special for your home?
ASRI, is your place.

Hope to meet you soon.